I don't know what it is about mornings, but I just love the cool air, soft early light and seemingly abundant creativity that seems to flow whenever I have a few minutes to scratch away on a journal page. Have you ever heard the thought that people have different times in which they are most productive & creative? While many are self-proclaimed "night owls", mine happens to be the morning hours..the sweetness of sounds as birds awake & begin to twitter back and forth, and the symphony of preparation coming from the kitchen as people go about their day's beginning, and off to the activities the daytime hours hold. Most days, I'm up early to exercise before the day's schedule & demands begin, but when I'm lucky enough to have a morning to myself, I'm often found dreaming up new ideas and projects over a fruit smoothie and toast, or catching the first rays of sunshine as it warms up the world with a hazy, golden glow. Oh the bliss of enjoying each moment, being fully present in life, and taking those quite morning minutes to start the day off just right. When are you most productive?

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