Mermaids | Halloween Series

What girl wouldn't want to be a mermaid? With mermaid makeup & mermaid hair being the "hot" trend as of lately, it was only natural that I do a Halloween mermaid shoot. When I was trying to narrow down what ideas I wanted to shoot for the Halloween series I knew I needed to separate the shoots into these categories: colorful ( bird of paradise), fun, edgy, dark, and beautiful. This mermaid shoot fulfilled my "beautiful" category.
I took on the role as stylist for this shoot, and wanted to portray mermaids without getting literal. I love to put together projects that steers more toward fine art and high fashion. Everything came together beautifully, and love the team that brought my concept to life.
Photography: Ryan Lindsey
Stylist / Model: Me
Makeup / Model: Sophia Wilkes - Pucker Up Style
Hair: Tara Hair
Extensions: Teresa Young - Hey Pretty U
Accessories: Alixandra Collections

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