Lisbon getaway


Remember I won a weekend getaway to Lisbon with the Stylight x Girissima contest? Well I took my little brother/photographer with me to explore this colorful City. From where we live it's a 1,5 hour drive to the airport and our latest check in time was at 5am so we had to leave at 2am. We really didn't want to be late :P. The flight was only 2,5 hours. So this meant no sleep!
The first day we arrived to Lisbon we had an appointment at the Girissima headquarter. It was a pleasure meeting the Girissima girls and they gave us a little tour through the office. After the meeting my brother and I walked to the centre to get some drinks and food. A lot of seafood which I don't mind at all. We hadn't checked in the hotel yet because we had to wait till 2 o'clock. So after lunch we went back to the hotel to check in. Actually it was a hostel. When I arrived at the hostel it was kind of a shock. How should I put this? Let's just say it wasn't what we expected it to be. And don't get me wrong. We didn't expect it to be fancy or something but this was like wow xD (not in a good way). But thank god we got a suite so the room was OK. The view from the balcony was pretty though. We were so tired of day 1. There was no energy left to complain. It was napping time!
The next day we decided to leave all the disappointments behind us and make the best of it. And it turned out to be really fun. Because Lisbon is not a huge City, everything was within easy reach. We pretty much walked all day. The roads in Lisbon are really hilly so we were exhausted after a day sight seeing. But it was all worth it when we found the breathtaking view over the City. Of course some photo's had to be made, taking our time to catch our breaths and off we go again! We decided to walk all the way to the famous Saint George Castle. I think this was the highlight of our trip. That's why most of the photo's shown here are taken at the Castle. I'm sure there are much more beautiful places in Lisbon but we had so little time. By the way props to google maps. Where would we be without you :P.
The 3rd day we had to go back to The Netherlands in the afternoon. We wanted to walk around and take some more pictures but it was raining all day so we stayed inside. Nothing much happened so I don't have anything to tell. Overall it was nice experience. Special thanks to Stylight and Girissima.

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