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This week has seemed to go so slow, and so fast at the same time. In case you don't follow me on social media then you might have missed that I decided to become a Senegence distributor last week. Sometimes I think I am crazy for signing up because I am already full time with my blog, and part time with photography and teaching. Ever since I started using Lipsense back in October I fell in love with the product, and everyone on social media kept saying that I should sell it because of my following. For the longest time I kept putting it off because I don't have that personality to push things onto people, and hate making feel obligated to buy from me. Plus, do I really have time to take on another thing to add to my list?
For the past month I've been asking myself questions whether I should just keep buying lipsense or should I become a distributor and sell it? I love the product, and what the amazing thing is that it sells itself. After a long month of asking my distributor friends questions I finally decided to sign up as a distributor, and came up with my company name Pucker and Pout by J Petite. I figured if it doesn't work out then I loose $55 to sign up as a distributor, and if it does make money then it's another source of income that I can add to my little family.
Ever since the day I got started I have had a HUGE amount of inquiries about buying the product, and am so excited for my first round of shipments to finally arrive. Please pardon the late blog post, but I am still trying to find a balance between all my businesses. This weekend I am going to be focusing on developing some time management between all my businesses. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear it!

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