Leather Jackets & Peachy Eyes

I know it's been a few days since I've post, but I was on vacation with some friends in Vegas for the holiday weekend. After two days of straight partying I am beyond tired. Feels good to be back in the blogging chair, and ready to go for the week. Did you miss me? Let's pretend you missed me ;)
Back to the post. If there's two things I love to invest in for the fall season it's a) booties, and b) a leather jacket. To me those are the key staples for fall. Since Arizona doesn't getting anywhere near freezing temperatures, my light weight leather jackets are my layering go to.
Leather jackets yes are expensive, but it's an investment that will take you a long way. I have jackets in my closet that I have worn for years, and are still in amazing shape. If you aren't quite ready to make the investment click here + here for some great options under $100.
This jacket I am wearing now is 2 years old, and is still in amazing shape. Definitely worth the investment, This has become my favorite leather jacket because it's a ribbed material on the back of the sleeves. This makes the jacket fit more to my body without adding the bulk of the fabric.
I am beyond excited to see how you guys styled your favorite leather jackets!

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