LBD's & Palm Trees

Dress: Cameo | Shoe: Christian Louboutin | Belt: Chanel
I own several LBD's (little black dresses) and when I say LBD, I don't mean that they're all  necessarily little, but they serve a an easy, go-to, canvas for whatever accessories I want. In this case, a bright red lip and my favorite vintage Chanel belt. My best friend, who found this belt on eBay after searching for months, gave it to me for my birthday, last year (I know, great friend….) and it's one of my favorite accessories in my wardrobe. I wear it so much with dresses and jumpsuits and it adds just the right amount of oomph! Remember it here? If you're on the hunt for one, I recommend sites like Vestiaire and eBay. For eBay, remember to go with sellers who sell lots of similar items and have good feedback to ensure it's authentic. Most importantly, be patient with your searching. Sometimes it can take weeks or months to find your perfect pieces. That's kind of part of the fun!
xo, Helena

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