Last look of winter

Mom's vintage anchor sweater, denim shirt, Naomi and Lavender purse, UO heart tights, Sway velvet heels, Hair bow- Me!
With this look I am saying goodbye to winter.
Things are looking a lot more springy out side, but inside I'm sick...sick sick sick.
I'm sure everyone and their mother has been saying the same thing because it's just that time of year for everyone to get the flu or a cold of some kind. My sickness has me feeling very down and just.. bummed and very emotional. I did four photoshoots in 3 days over the weekend and when you do that much running around when you're sick it makes you even more worn out and sad.
Saturday night I was supposed to have plans with some friends which I was planning on doing with even though I WAS NOT feeling well. Needless to say ditching occurred and was followed with a
"Damn that sucks. feel better."
This made me more emotional and cry embarrassingly in a major retail store seeing that friends didn't really give a shit. But you know.. I'd like to have friends who gave a shit. That would be nice.
Which by the way.. where are these girls? Where are the happy, sweet, non- passive aggressive girls?
Girls that don't change based on what environment they are in.
Girls that don't form to whatever they see.
I find that most girls are hard enough to get along with as it is... so do most of them have to be incredibly catty and always in a huff about something or other too?
This is why I have mostly male friends. GAH.
Maybe it's just the town I live in.
Maybe I'm just sick and annoyed.
Maybe I just suck. Whatever.
But if you're my friend at least care about me even if I'm lame from time to time.

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