Lace + Brocade

If you haven't already noticed by now, I love wearing skirts. Since my early years in high school I was always caught in some type of skirt. There was a point where my mother would stare at my closet and say "Jessica you DON'T need another pink mini skirt!!!" What can I say?! I was a sucker for the Abercrombie and Hollister California fashion back then. As I got into college my style transitioned from "teeny bopper" to "young up-and-coming adult." I traded the polo tees for silk blouses, denim minis for fitted pencil skirts, and stick straight hair for loose waves.
One day, while studying on campus I was approached by a fellow peer. They asked me why do I always wear skirts and dresses? I simply replied by saying "Well why not?" "I am a girl." While some didn't understand my rationalization for dressing up for school, it was something that made me feel girly and chic!

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