While I consider myself to be a fun loving, carefree, and charistmatic girl, I still have a deep side to me. One of my biggest weaknesses and strengths when it comes to my personality is that I invest so much of myself into others. Recently there has been a situation in my life where I was dumped by another for reasons that I wasn't given 100% clarity for. For days I would cry to Todd asking him why this seems to be a pattern this year, and that this scares me for building relationships in Dallas.
It wasn't until I hit my adulthood that I've learned that some people are willing to just drop a relationship vs take the time to work through the issues or problems formed. Why is that? Are we so busy in our lives that it's easier to just drop things entirely vs take the time to work through situations? Are we so set on looking at the situation from one point of view, and not even consider that there's two sides to a coin?
For days and days I would analyze where I went wrong which made me sink into a place where I was constantly blaming myself again. Allowing myself to sink vs swim is a place that is hard for me to climb out of, and just gets worse with time. Luckily I have been blessed with new and old friends that have been here for me. I cannot even explain how lucky and blessed I feel to be surrounded by a support system that makes me feel loved and supported.

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