Implementing the One Minute Rule

Spring Outfit, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Gucci Bag, Beige Trench Coat, Gucci Red Princetown Slides, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde 
Spring Street Style, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Beige Trench Coat, Gucci Red Princetown Slides, Helena of Brooklyn Blonde
Trench: Theory | Tee: Rag & Bone | Denim: Something Navy x Nordstrom | Slides: Gucci | Bag: Gucci | Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown #12 | Sunglasses: Colors in Optics
Are you familiar with the one minute rule? Some are probably thinking, "Um, yes! This is old news!" I only heard about it a few months ago but it has made one of the biggest differences in my overall productivity.
For those of you who’ve read The Happiness Project or who’ve listened to the ‘Happier Podcast’ with Gretchen Rubin, you’re probably familiar with this easy concept. Basically the rule is that anything that can be done in a minute, you should do now. No procrastinating allowed  (I’m the queen). Whether it’s hanging your coat up as soon as you come home, throwing out your trash, or responding to a quick email that you typically may put in the "I’ll get to this later" category. If it takes less than a minute, just do it. It is proven that all of these little things add up and have a major impact on our overall mental state and happiness.
After implementing this rule for several months, I can say its made a huge difference in how I feel. In the past, I’d have so many tiny, but annoyingly nagging things that would loom over me.
To take it one step further, I started tackling the tasks that might take longer than one minute (maybe 5…) but that would improve my overall day or night. For example, it’s no secret that I love skincare and pampering myself with a nice routine. However, lately I found that I started to dread it. By the time I’d get around to actually washing my face, usually right before bed (11-12AM – way later than I should be going to sleep) I’d be dead from exhaustion. The thought of washing my face and applying all of my things felt like a daunting task. To make matters worse, before going to bed, I would sit on the couch or on my computer and think, "Ah! I still have to wash my damn face." The one minute rule inspired me to put an end to that behavior.
Now, as soon as I put Nate to sleep, I walk out of his room and straight into the bathroom so I can wash my face. At that time, it’s only 8PM and I’m back to enjoying my routine. I even have time to apply my products and right before bed, I might even slap on a night mask (which I keep right on my bedside table). The best part is that once I’m done, I’m happier! I tend to enjoy my night more knowing something I started to dread is no longer a lingering chore. It really is the best feeling.
So if there’s a a small task that you tend to put off, especially if it takes less than a few minutes, get it done! I promise it does way more for your mental well-being than you could even imagine.

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