Holidays with HM

With the holidays in full swing there is nothing I like more than adding metallic splashes to an outfit to create a winter glamour look. I love how dressy the winter season is, and getting all glam for holiday parties. Between getting outfits for holiday parties and still saving money for Christmas gifts, I am all about shopping at places that are affordable. One of my favorite places to shop is H&M because 1) their price point is perfect for a girl on a budget, 2) they constantly come out with collections that are on trend, and 3) H&M is one of the few places who's sizes run small to fit my body.
Today Todd is interviewing in Denver for his last OS residency, and we will be leaving to Utah tomorrow morning. My task for today is to pack for every occasion that we might attend while being in Utah whether it be christmas morning, family parties, or going out with friends. On Wednesday we have a family reunion on Todd's side, and decided to pack this outfit for that occasion.  This outfit is perfect for a family party because the metallic skirt adds glam while the sweater prevents the outfit from looking "too" dressy.

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