Holiday Makeup & Coats

I have to give a big thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday through social media. Seriously you guys are the best, and sure know how to make a girl feel special.
Since Todd had an interview all day for Oral Surgery in Phoenix on my birthday we won't be actually celebrating until Wednesday. We normally celebrate by going out to a nice dinner followed by opening presents. Since Todd bought me a new camera (if you read earlier this month I was trying to get some advice on what to go with, and finally went with the Canon Mark ii) for my photography business we decided that the camera would be my combined Christmas and birthday.
I'm not quite sure where we will be going for dinner, but this dress from Shabby Apple is probably going to be the winner. I got the dress in yesterday, and immediately fell in love with the velvet. There is something about velvet that is calling my name this winter. Since Arizona finally dropped below 60 degrees I can finally start wearing my gorgeous coats. I got this beautiful coat from J.Crew a couple Christmas's ago, and the ivory color goes with everything. This is definitely one of my favorite coats, and love wearing it out for a special occasion.
Whats your favorite style of coats for the winter?

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