Hi and Bye

What an amazing weekend it has been! While my time here in Utah has been short it has been packed. When Django and I pulled up to Salt Lake we spent the night hanging out with my dad, and unloading all of my winter stuff that was pointless to have in Arizona. Who needs wool coats when the temperature doesn't get below 40 degrees? Hello more closet space....
Friday was laid back and spent the morning teaching at Pure Barre draper, and getting my hair done. Bria worked some magic on my hair, and battled my hair as she combed out my rats nest....
Saturday was filled with shooting in the mountains with my cousin, eating breakfast with my sister and brother in law at my favorite diner "Ruth's Diner" (highly recommend because they have an amazing patio), and attending my dear friends wedding. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and my friend Amy looked like a dream! I attended the wedding with all my girls from Pure Barre who are essentially my second family. For any of those who follow me on Instagram saw me get a little crazy on the dance floor.  
While my trip to Utah has been amazing, I'm ready to go back home to see Todd who I haven't seen in two weeks! Next time you see me I'll be in AZ. Peeeeeeace out Ut-ah..

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