Collared black dress, tights- Urban outfitters, Velvet heels
MAC lipstick
Hello October!!!!
Woohohohooohooooo! *ghost sounds, clearly*
Okay, I realized that October isn't just about Halloween, but STILL. I'm stoked.
This look definitely says Fall to me. The lovely haunting dress is from Chichwish.com!
When I saw this beauty I knew I had to snatch it up! It has a fantastic mix of 1960s style and modern details. I also think the ripped suspender tights add to the appeal. I realized ripped tights are usually a no no but, what the hell.
I'm driving down to Disneyland tomorrow and going to the Park on Thursday!! AHHH! It's a kind of treat to myself because of all the wedding work I've been doing. I shot two weddings this last weekend and it's exhausting. Not to mention the months of work I have to do AFTER the event. Most people don't realize the time and work that go into shooting, sorting and editing. It's no piece of cake that's for sure, but if you love it, you love it. And that's all.
Anyway I'm a bit off topic! I will be shooting a look from Disneyland and posting it when I get home! I'm going to a sort of casual implied Mickey/Minnie mouse look.
Until then keep up with me at Michellerollerphotography on Instagram!
I will be posting photos from Disneyland all day!

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