Happy Friday & New Gucci Mules

Gucci Mules - Brooklyn BlondeChanel Ivory Boy Bag, Brooklyn Blonde
Gucci Mules - Gucci Marnmont Fringed Mules - Brooklyn BlondeGucci Marnmont Fringed Mules | Brooklyn Blonde
Coat: Zara | Button Down: Frank & Eileen | Denim: Levis | Mules: Gucci | Chanel Boy Bag in Ivory
When these Gucci mules came out, first in the loafer version, it was love at first site. I ended up ordering them, but after trying on with several outfits, I knew they weren’t for me. For the price that they were, I knew my cost-per-wear wouldn’t justify the purchase.
BUT THEN…. the mules came out and I’m glad I (unknowingly) waited. Because of the open toe, they just feel lighter, less clunky and perfect going into spring and summer. A little different than the shoes I normally wear, but a welcome change.
Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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