Manoush summer Collection
Hello All, hope you are all having a great weekend. I'm just having a lazy Sunday at home catching up on all of those boring stuff that needs to be done in the house, I am also clearing out my closet and selling a lot of stuff on Ebay( to make room for some new additions soon)
The jumper I am wearing in the picture is something I picked up in the sales from Manoush, I love it... So warm and cosy, the boots are also something that I found in the sales. I saw them almost one year ago in Andre, but they were out of my budget and luckily I found them in an Andre stock shop for 50 Euros..... Bargain or what!
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Sweat- Manoush/Jeans- JBrand/Boots- Andre/Bag- Zara/Trench- Manoush/Earrings- Pretty Purple Boutique
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