Graduate Hotel in Tempe

Nothing like a bright colorful outfit to brighten your I right?!
The day before we left to Washington Todd and I were invited to stay a night at the new hotel called The Graduate in Tempe. Even though we were jam packed with things to do before we left this cactus state, we decided to make a trip to Tempe to see what the buzz was all about. Todd was out of school for a break between quarters so we were able to drive up to Tempe during brunch time. Right as we walked into the hotel we felt that immediate "cool kid" vibe. The first thing that popped into my head when walking into the lobby was "Bueller?......Bueller?......Bueller....?" Each Graduate hotel is located in a university town across the country, and is curated to celebrate retro school days.
When we finally got into our room I immediately passed out. I begged Todd multiple times for just "10 more minutes" of sleep every time he would try to get me up to start our day. Why was I so tired? If you can remember I came back to AZ from a month and a half long vacation in UT just a week prior to our mini staycation. The week after I got back from Utah was filled with shooting, blogging, and getting everything ready to leave for another vacation. Yep, I was tired.
After hanging out in our room for a bit we decided to explore our hotel, and eat at their restaurant Tapacubo for some Mexican eats. We only hung out at the hotel for a couple hours then decided to leave early to go see Django at home. He was going to be left for 4 days while we were in Washington, and felt bad if he had to be left 1 more day.

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