Gift Guide: For your Mom & MIL

For some reason, my mom is SO HARD to Christmas shop for! This year, I had her put together a little list of items she would want for Christmas to get some ideas. Some things she named included this Barefoot Dreams robe (it’s expensive for a robe, but there’s a reason for that: it’s AMAZING!), a nice blanket, cashmere gloves, a silk pillowcase and a leather wallet. All of these items are super luxurious – in fact, I want to put them on my Christmas List too! Especially the leather Gucci wallet… it’s gorgeousss. Another unique item for a gift is this cookbook – my intern recommended it because she said her mom is obsessed with it and uses it all the time.
Lastly, I think the Aera diffuser would be a great gift! I personally own and love my Aera diffuser it’s the only diffuser I use in our home! What really sets it apart is that you can control the adjustable settings from you phone and all of the fragrances are pet-friendly (unlike many traditional essential oils). Right now the entire website is 20% off, including both the diffuser and all of the fragrances! The "Holiday Delights" fragrance pack is great for the winter months (I loveee the "Snowfall" fragrance), but I’m partial to the aromatherapy… they’re made with pure essential oils and are soo calming. The "Support Breathe" one is my favorite because it’s a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree and pine.
If you have any other gift ideas for your mom, I’d love to hear!