Getting Holiday Ready With Stella & Dot

Can you believe that we have already made it through the first week of November?! Eeeeek!!! Time to start whipping out the candy cane hot cocoa, and blast the radio to some NSYNC "Merry Christmas." I can't even begin to describe how much I love the holidays especially when it comes to dressing for holiday parties. Since Todd and I moved to Arizona there isn't much opportunity to get glamorous when you live the life of a dental student. Because most of the time we live a very casual life I get beyond excited when it's time to get dolled up for the holidays.
When I'm dressing up for my holiday best the item that completes my chic ensemble is the jewels. Nothing scream holiday to me more than statement pieces that have luster and sparkle.
Tis the season to pack on the bling!
When this amazing stylist Nzinga from Stella & Dot reached out to me about sending me some pieces I was ecstatic to get some new bling for the holiday season. When I was looking at her inventory I honestly could say I wanted everything! After narrowing down what pieces I wanted I decided to go with this bracelet, ring, and necklace that can be worn all together or separately. I have already used this bracelet countless times, and have loved pairing it with other bracelets to create a stacked arm party. This necklace is the perfect layering piece, and I have plans of stacking pearls with it to create a lady like style for Sundays.
Since Stella & Dot are high quality items I decided to pick these pieces that were classic, and that I know I can wear for a while without them going out of style.
What's your go to jewelry for the holidays?

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