From Cab to Curb

Marissa Webb Olive Trench Overcoat, Gucci Belt and Celine Phantom Bag
Marissa Webb Olive Trench Overcoat and Celine Phantom BagMarissa Webb Olive Trench Overcoat and Celine Phantom Bag
Overcoat: Marissa Webb ℅ | Denim: Frame | Sweater: Banana Republic | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bag: Celine Phantom | Sunglasses: Celine | Belt: Gucci
I often get asked the question "how the hell do you walk in those shoes?" There are some heels that I can actually walk/commute/"mom around" in (like these), but then there are strictly "cab to curb" shoes. Meaning, I can still hang in them (even dance in some), but I’m not stomping the streets of New York City with. And of course, you’ll usually find flats in my bag.
The outfit was topped off with this beautiful overcoat from none other than Marissa Webb. Most of her pieces are the epitome of what I’d describe my style, classic with an edge.
This leads me to my next question, how would you all describe your style? When people would ask me that question, it took me awhile to really figure out how to answer them. Yes, I love classic pieces, but I always like a little edge to my look. Whether it’s by adding a leather jacket or some distressed denim. I like to look put together, but not too put together.
How about you? I always love hearing how other women (and men!) would describe their style.

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