Free Week

It is 2 am in the morning, and we finally made it to Utah!! Can I get an amen?!! Since I am an early riser we had the original plan to leave at 5:30 am, but once I woke up at 4 am I got consumed with blog emails, deadlines, and finishing up some edits for the families I shot the past week. To make a long story short we didn’t leave our house until 10:30 am, and then had to make a mandatory stop to Costco so Todd can get his $1.99 hotdog. Whenever we go on road trips together they take forever not because we need to take bathroom breaks, but more like food breaks for Todd. This kid seriously eats anything and everything in front of him. You would think that with such a LARGE appetite he would be a little "chunkster," but he’s so lean. Men, they have the best metabolisms. #notfair.
I am so happy to finally be back in Utah where it actually feels like winter, whereas in Arizona, people are still laying out by my complex’s pool. Whenever I get into town I pack my schedule with teaching at Pure Barre Draper, getting my hair done, and seeing friends and family. During our road trip I was talking with my dad about my schedule, and he responded by saying "Why do you always pack your schedule so tight when you come in town?" My personality thrives on constantly working/moving, and have a hard time doing just "nothing." Personality plus or negative? Who knows…
You’ve herd me babble about the latest in Edmunds news, but I am so excited that this is "free week" where the sky is the limit. Lately my style has been schizophrenic, and constantly jumping between boho grunge and glamor chic. That’s the fun thing about personal style, there’s no right or wrong way.

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