Free Week

How fun was yesterday's post??! Did it get you in the halloween mood yet? If you followed me on snapchat yesterday then you have seen some behind the scenes action of a fun Halloween shoot that Sophia- Pucker Up Style and I did. I absolutely love doing behind the scenes videos because it gives an insight into how much work goes into a big production. I met Sophie at her house at 10 am to start HMU, and we didn't get home until 8 pm. Crazy right?! Even though the hours are long I absolutely love putting together these amazing projects where my creativity is aloud to flourish.
Speaking of Halloween how ah-mazing does Sophie look in her Joker Halloween makeup?! This girl is seriously talented to say the least. I actually played photographer for Sophie's Joker shoot, and we had an absolute blast. We work so well together whether it be modeling, shooting, HMU, and everything in between. I seriously love this girl to pieces, and am so grateful how blogging has brought us together.
Well you have herd me blab about Halloween, but let's get to todays main topic which is...nothing! Whoop Whoop for the "Free Day." We are so excited to see your take on all fashion and beauty trends!

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