Forever Young

It has officially been 27 days since I arrived in Utah, and I can't believe how time has flown by. The crappy thing about this whole "being an adult" thing is that time flies by WAY too fast! Ugh..... why can't time stop, and we all be young forever?! Please????
I only have 12 more days in this summer paradise until I go back home. What I have loved most about my trip to Utah is that I feel like a kid again. Staying up late, sleeping in until 10, hanging with friends, and hardly any responsibilities. Todd and I have been so driven and serious since the day we got married because I wanted to go to medical school (obviously medical school turned into being a blogger and PB teacher), and he wanted to pursue dentistry. We committed to being focused, lived the poor student life, and what we worked so hard for is now becoming a reality.  
I honestly have lived every minute of being in Utah, and have tried to take advantage of my time here.

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