Fleeting {and other miscellaneous thoughts}

Balenciaga Boots and Levis Denim SkirtCeline Tilda Sunglasses and Balenciaga Sock Booties
Turtleneck: Marled | Skirt: Levis (size down 1) | Boots: Balenciaga (TTS) | Bag: Flynn c/o | Sunglasses: Celine "Tilda"
My mother once said to me "your 30’s will not only be some of the best years of your life, but also the quickest." It feels like my 20’s took ages to go by, but my 30’s have been going by in the flash. I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is next week, but I’ll tell you, it definitely feels a bit crazy.
I’ve always been one, especially in the last few years, that tries to savor the little things in life, but some days are easier than others. Especially when I see some of my closest friends dealing with real things like infertility, loved ones with cancer and other painful issues, but I guess, sadly, that’s part of life. My intention is not for this post to come off all sad and debbie downer-ish, but just sharing my current thoughts.
In the past, we’ve shared what brings us joy, so in the same vein, are there practices you all participate in that help ground you? Practices that make you feel happier, more peaceful, and content? I’ve recently started keeping a gratitude journal and it’s such a simple thing to do, yet mentally, so rewarding. My next mission, to incorporate some meditation into my crazy, busy life. Even if it’s for 5 minutes a day! But, one thing at a time…
How about you?!

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