Flared Jeans

It was only a matter of time until I jumped on the flared jeans bandwagon. Whenever a new jean trend happens I am always so hesitant to buy since jeans are such an investment. When the time comes to buy new jeans I always go through a series of questions.
 1) Do I need them?
2) Can I wear lots of stuff with them?
3) Will these just sit in my closet?
4) Do I need to alter the waist?
If the jeans pass the mental check list then they are a must have. I have become picky with what brands I wear since they don't all make a size 23, and with my experience the most expensive jeans make my size. Boooooo! When I got these Just Black jeans I was so excited because they fit amazing in the waist, and they were only....are you ready.... $68! Such a killer deal for jeans. Since the cost of these jeans are around 3x less of what I usually pay, I had to have them!
After getting these flared jeans I have been pleasantly surprised how much I have worn them! I didn't think I would embrace this trend like I have.
You tell me what do you think of the flared jeans trend?

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