First Day of Fall in AZ

While fall temps have already hit the majority of America, Arizona is the anomaly.  Last week marked the calendar "First Day of Fall," and I was reminded of it every time I went onto my social media. As I mindlessly looked through my Instagram feed it was filled with people wearing their scarves, layers, jackets, and even sipping hot Starbucks pumpkin spiced lattes! I can't even stand the thought of drinking something without ice cubes. I was in complete season envy!
Thinking that temps would never drop below 90 degrees, a Christmas miracle came true! Right as I walked outside this morning, I had a surprising chill cause goose bumps to emerge. Goose bumps? I need a jacket? I quickly turn to my weather app to see if the temperature drop was true. I had to blink a couple a times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  It was true! the temp was 67 degrees! Finally!!! I have been waiting for this moment for months.
Hopefully it stays like this for another 6 months. Fingers crossed!

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