First Day of Fall

Happy first day of fall! Here’s some inspo on an outfit that will definitely be on repeat this season…
These are some definite essentials I see everyone needing for fall!
This sweater is so soft. I have it in three colors and am so obsessed. It’s extremely soft, a perfect material and goes great with anything!
A great scarf is always needed. I love this color because it’s easy to transition and looks great with just about anything! I love how it added color to this outfit.
Super comfortable booties. Yes, that’s what these are! I’m so obsessed with these booties. And they have scalloped edges, which adds something unique compared to any other pair of booties. I love how easy they are to match with anything because of the super neutral color.
Great jeans. These jeans are under $55 and will be great paired with just about anything! I like wearing darker jeans during the fall and winter seasons. This black pair is great.
Then, of course, add some accessories! So, this fall… think about buying some great sweaters, booties, comfortable/super soft scarves and nice dark jeans!
Happy fall! xo

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