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One blogger's favorite perfumes
I’ve never been much of a "signature scent" kind of girl. I definitely play favorites though! So today I’m sharing my favorite perfumes that I use over and over again throughout the year.
This one is a newer one in my collection and it’s no surprise – since I love rose scented items so much – that is became a quick favorite. It’s so light and not overly floral. You may remember me including it in this post.
If I had to pick a signature scent this is it. Every time I wear it I am asked what scent it is and am constantly sending people the link to it following their inquiry. It is so light and fresh and in no-way over-powering. It is perfect for every day wear and usually what I grab for first. (It was one of my favorite beauty products I discovered in 2016!)
For years, every time I’d ask what perfume I was smelling that they were wearing, it would be this one! I finally ended up buying it recently. It smells so special and a little sexy so it’s great for nighttime. Plus, how chic is the bottle?!
Buying Le Labo just feels special. Everything from their chic bottles and labeling to the ability to personalize your purchase, I love what this brand is about. This scent is on the stronger side and is a bit muskier so I reserve it for nighttime and wear it more during the winter months.

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