Fashion Elite with Free Week

I know this linkup post is up waaaaaaayyyyyy late because I have been so tired lately, and have hard a hard time getting all my projects finished. I promise this week I'm going to get a better handle on my life. Last night I text my photographer Jamee saying that we needed to reschedule our shoot for today for Thursday because I had a dr appointment that I forgot about. James replied by saying that our shoot was already set for Thursday. Oh geez, I'm losing my mind.
The next text she sent me is exactly what I needed to hear. "I feel like that sometimes. You over work yourself girl! I do it too though. But hopefully you start to say no to people or push things back so you don't wear yourself too thin."
I'm such a yes person because I hate missing out on opportunities, but she was exactly right that I'm over working myself. Life is all about balance, and hopefully over the next few weeks I can find just that!
I am so excited to see what kind of outfits you have planned for me today since today's the theme is "free week."

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