Fashion Elite with Easter Best

Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday?! April seems to be flying by without me even realizing it, and moving day is getting closer and closer!!
Usually I like to go shopping for a new Easter outfit, but with being as busy as I am this week I won't have time to go shopping. "Boo" for me, "Yeah" for my wallet.
I love dressing up for Easter Sunday because of how feminine, and classic the styles tend to be for Spring. One of my spring go to textiles is lace, and my ride-or-die color is pink. Naturally when I saw this skirt from the Rachel Parcell line I knew I had to have it because it's everything that I love for spring! Few notes about altering this skirt. Since the fabric is so thick (which I love because I know it will last me a while) it's kind of hard to tailor. I got this skirt in an xs, and just like most clothing it didn't fit. My tailor altered it to fit my waist, but because it was so hard to tailor he charged me more for the alterations. So worth it because I am in love!!!
I am so excited to see what you guys have for Easter outfit inspiration. If you don't celebrate Easter feature a pretty spring outfit :)

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