Fashion Elite with Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves, bell sleeves, oh how I love you so!
This outfit matches my current Spring style to the "T" with the feminine pink details. Yesterday I was doing a shoot with Jamee where we shot a lot more ruffles and bell sleeves. She turns to me, and says "Wow you really do love the bell sleeves." I do, yes I DO!! I was explaining to her that whenever a new trend comes out that it takes me a while to fall in love with the trend. When I first saw bell sleeves I actually hated them, and thought that they would make me look like a wizard.  Not hating on the wizards because this girl definitely loves herself some Harry Potter.
Another reason why I was hesitant to get into bell sleeves was because I was afraid that the volume of the sleeves would compete with the volume of my hair, and that combination together would be too much for my petite body. Ohhhhh how I was wrong.....
Since I was seeing bell sleeves everywhere I decided to give them a go, and purchase this top from the WHBM petite line. When the package arrived on my door step I immediately became obsessed, and loved the feminine charm of the bell sleeves. If you haven't given this trend a go yet I highly recommend you do!

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