Fall Transitions with Splits 59

Just as your 9-5 work week apparel changes with the seasons so does your athleisure gear. Splits 59 is one of my favorite athletic wear companies of all time, and they kill it with every season. They base their clothing on making items that are perfect for every day gym use without sacrificing style.
Their new line is filled with thoughtfully designed pieces. They combine textures of cotton with sleek fabrics to create an illusion that is not only flattering to the body, but can be worn from the gym to the  streets. Mesh details with geometric designs keep this new line fresh, and different from others on the market. Splits 59 takes into account the transition of seasons by mixing pieces that are lightweight, and can be layered on top of one another.
When I start shopping for pieces that are going to take me from summer into fall I look for items that will be ideal for layering. The items that will be my go to pieces when the weather starts to change will be long sleeved tops, leggings, and light weight hoodies.

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