Fall Teaser

Camel Coat: Maje | Bodysuit: Wolford | Denim: Levis (TTS) | Belt: Saint Laurent Bag: Mango | Boots: Balenciaga |
I know I say the word "uniform" for several of my outfits, but this one really deserves to be called that. Today, I  wanted to answer a few questions that I (often) get asked on these particular pieces.
Q: Do you have both a Wolford bodysuit tee and turtleneck?
A: Yes, I have both! They seriously are the BEST quality and so flattering. They don’t shrink, get dingy looking or stretch-out. I know they don’t come cheap, but they’re a worthy investment for my closet, especially the turtleneck!
Q: Did you cut the hem of these jeans?
A: I did and I cut off quite a bit. I modeled the length after another pair of jeans that I already own and used this fabric scissor. The right scissor makes all the difference and I use mine way more than I ever thought!
Q: What style Levi’s are you wearing?
A: I’m wearing the 721’s! I love that they’re nice and high-waisted and not stiff (like some other styles.)
Q: Which style Celine sunglasses are you wearing?
A: The Tilda and from what I heard, this particular style is discontinued. I lost this pair for several weeks and was devastated because I love them so much.
Q: How’s the quality of the Mango bag?
I’m actually shocked at how expensive it looks in person! I’m also shocked at how often I’ve been wearing it since bringing it home. No complaints from me!

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