Fall Pinks

Greeting from my germ infested couch! I wish I could say that I'm all dolled up, but the reality of the situation is that I'm in my leggings, baggy shirt, rocking the dirty hair, and completely dried out from blowing my nose. I'm trying to battle this cold, but looks like the sickness is winning the good fight.
Even though I feel as ugly as can be from (lets get real) not showering for 2 days, Todd still finds a way to make me feel good about myself. Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary, and by the looks of me I wasn't in shape to celebrate. While laying in a pile of tissues I got a surprise visit from him during his lunch break. He walked in with the best pick me up: a dozen of roses, G2, and the Age of Adeline. Immediately I felt loved, and felt so happy that I have someone to take care of me.

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