Fall Outfit – Every Piece is Less Than $50

This was one of my favorite outfits I wore in New England – and can y’all believe that every piece of this outfit is less than $50?! Especially these suede boots – they’re so high quality that they feel designer (and they’re comfortable, too). And don’t get me started on these jeans – for only $15!! They are still in stock – you have to click on the "dark wash" color to see all the sizes. By the way, I did size up in the jeans because they run a little small.
Okay I have a question for you guys!! I am seriously thinking about starting a book club and I would love to know who would be interested in joining! Obviously we couldn’t meet in person, but we could have a "book of the month" and maybe a Facebook group where we could all discuss it (or maybe I could do a live video to discuss). If you have any ideas, I’m all ears! I think it would be a super fun way to connect with you guys and read good books Let me know your thoughts!

xoxo by fashion for womens