Faded Pages Open in the Sun- Photography

 Model- Shaunna, MUAH- Alicia Hathaway, Styling and Photography- Me
This is a recent shoot I created at my house in sunny California.
I really never did well in my high school and photography classes. Granted I got all A's and B's, which is "doing well" in some people's minds and generally acceptable as passing. But these classes to me were stifling. I wasn't really creating anything but film stills to encapsulate the proposed theme of an assignment. I mean I know that probably sounds like a generic art kid idea, but I just plain disliked film classes.
I need fast paced, instant gratification.
That's just who I am. I can't stand in a lab waiting to make a proper exposure with an enlarger and redoing everything until I find the perfect exposure. I like the physical act of taking images. I like how I don't think about anything but what I am doing in the moment.
I can't stand ... standing around. haha
So yes, I was that art kid nearest to the door in the back of the class, rolling my eyes at the 17th explanation of what aperture is. Maybe I should have tried harder to create, but when your in a classroom, your also in a compressed environment.

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