Eye See You

Meet me In Paree
Skirt:Jupe- H&M
Shoes- Boohoo
Jacket-Tally Weijl
Bag:Sac- Sunita Mukhi

There is something about the evil eye that gets me every time...There is something so beautiful about it.
So when I saw Sunita Mukhi's on instagram and then on their website I knew I NEEDED this backpack! I especially love this bag because it's all blingy with the sequins and diamonds. What do you think?

Le mauvais oeil attire toujours mon attention… il a quelque chose de vraiment beau. Donc après avoir vu l'instagram et le site de Sunita Mukhi il me fallait ce sac à dos. J'adore surtout l'aspect bling bling avec tous ces bijoux. Qu'en pensez-vous?
Paris Streetstyle
Tally Weijl
Neoprene skirt
Back to school look
Sunita Mukhi Bag
Evil eye bag
boohoo Shoes

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