Everything I know about starting again...

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My god, it's been a hell of a long time since I was blogging. Why did I stop? Well, a number of reasons. Firstly, I'm incredibly self-conscious! Of a few/a lot of things, especially when it comes to blogging. Having my photo taken, especially in public is downright embarrassing, and the other phobia I have is people thinking that I'm a narcissistic cretin who is totally besotted with themselves. I as well as most girls know how hard it is to be the latter given just how many complexes we have about ourselves nowadays... which is why I wore such horrendous high heels in my old blog posts (any-who I've kind-of accepted I'll never love my legs). The other reason I'd given up was due to the guilt I would feel having to ask people to take photos for me. However, now being a good few years older and my dad saying, "Hey you should have kept going with that blog," I thought well hey, why not?
Any-who, the blog isn't the only thing I'm starting again. I've very recently moved back to Australia after 8 years of being abroad. In those 8 years, I've accomplished a lot, worked in fashion editorial, was cabin crew for Emirates, studied and gained an honours degree and then went on to receive my Post Grad in Education. So now finally I've started my very own teaching stint in Katherine, NT, Australia before I make my way back to Perth.

Right, what I know about starting over. Well, starting over, that's the easy part, it's the before part that's the hard part. The transition where you know you have to crawl through mud before you'll walk freely again. Facing the daily reminder that someone who loves you can betray you in the space of a day. That people are selfish and that despite living life thinking that underneath it all we're all OK, some people are just bad people. Knowing that so much is going to change and becoming so utterly overwhelmed by all of it. That though I'm in my late 20s, I have to get my act together and go back to the beginning again. Gosh, my transition phase was lonngggg, to say the least, having to stay in a place I couldn't wait to leave so that I could finish my degree was as painful as it gets. People tend to say, "in time you'll be OK." At that point, you want to throttle them, but thank goodness they're right. When you've made it to the other side or for me the other side of the world, the feeling is sublime.
That's it for now. I've been out of the blogging game for quite some time. So, please tell your girl if she's not doing it right? Firstly, I'll promise no more ridiculous high healed costumes just my journey and the things I love.

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