Effortless Waves & Stripes

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the post let me say that Lauryn and I did not plan our outfits to be the same. Striped button down dresses, straw hats, nude shoes.....
What can I say great minds think alike ;)
I posted this dress on Instagram last month, and I immediately got tons of questions about it. Isn't it adorable on? PS it feels even more amazing on because it's 100% cotton, which is a MUST in Arizona. Hello, it even has pockets! Yep you need it!
Even though I haven't worn it a lot this season, stripes are by far my favorite pattern. My dear friends, I love stripes.  There is a section in my closet that is occupied with so many stripes that you would think either I was a prisoner or a mime in the past. Whether the pattern be thick, thin, horizontal, or vertical I love stripes all the same. I love that during the summer months that stripes are always a reoccurring trend. Stripes are the easiest pattern out there because they are versatile, classic, timeless, and sophisticated.

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