Downtown Salt Lake Shoot

Our trip to Utah was soooo busy!!! I worked primarily everyday whether it was teaching at Pure Barre Draper or shooting pictures in downtown Salt Lake. It's no secret that lately I've been getting more and more into photography. While I don't consider myself at all to be a professional, I enjoy capturing beauty through a lens, and the story it tells.  
On this day I was able to enjoy the company of one of my besties Nadya.
Times like these are rare, and I hold them close to my heart. I know people say that, but I truly mean it.
Spending the afternoon with her took me back to a time where life was carefree, and we spent our days rollerblading through the halls of our schools, birthday pranks, girls camp, laughing to the point where tears would spill out of my eyes, getting lost in conversations until we'd pass out in our beds, and watching one another grow up. What I've learned with being down in arizona is that true friends like Nadya are rare, and I am lucky to have her and my other besties in my life! Sisters forever!!!

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