DIY Tassel Garland

Tassels are like the new mason jars in the world of crafting. They are everywhere. You can count on them lurking in your Pinterest feed over and over again, and as I like to to say in the overly abused, nearly iconic words of Portlandia, "put a tassel on it!" Really, though. There is no escaping the grip of the tassel fringe!
I finally relinquished my willpower and made one of these ever so popular tassel garlands. I am in charge of a Young Women event (the youth group for teenage girls at my church) coming up soon, and thought a couple sets of these garlands would spiffy up those ugly, brown church walls.
This DIY is for the crafting novice, so don't be fooled by all the fancy fluff and beauty these little fringe-puffs exude. It only calls for tissue paper in the colors of your choice (one single sheet makes 4 tassels!), scissors, a glue gun, string, and this DIY post for the directions on how to make them.
Wouldn't this garland make the perfect Christmas decoration, too? I am already thinking of the metallic silver and gold adorning our walls, or even on the Christmas tree... yes, I am liking that idea!
Truly, the possibilities are endless for making and using tassels, and they are an excellent, easy to make party decoration if you are needing some inspiration. Have fun tasseling!

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