DIY Halloween Treat Bag

The season of Halloween costume making is upon us! Time to bust out those glue guns and scraps of felt, because there are frightening monsters and fuzzy things to be made. Like this Halloween treat bag.
As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Luke is going to be Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I find it most fitting because he is very much the type of child to say "I'LL EAT YOU UP!" when asked to come to dinner (if he could verbalize such nonsense). And he makes a marvelous king, if I do say so myself.
The inspiration is from the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume line. We all know how dreamy Pottery Barn is, so just imagine the perfection of the Halloween get-ups. I've been lucky enough to partner up with them to bring you an easy DIY accessory to go with a costume. Enter the Halloween treat bag!
It is a no-sew, affordable project (we're talking maybe $2 for the felt) that simply requires your creativity and a bit of time, and it can be tailored to any costume. We opted for one of the monsters from the story, but it can really be anything you conjure up in that head of yours!
-Fabric scissors
-Glue gun
-Felt squares in colors of your choice (got ours from Michael's)
1. Choose the color of felt you want the main background of your bag to be. You will need 3 felt squares for the body of the bag. Cut a 4 inch wide strip from one of the squares, making sure it is the longest length of the felt square. With the remaining 2 squares of felt, cut out the shape you want your treat bag, making sure they are identical in shape and size. Now you should have a front side, a back side and a middle strip.
2. Cut out the facial elements and glue them onto one of the sides to make the front of your bag.
3. Taking your 4 inch middle strip, hot glue it onto the backside of the front piece of your treat bag. It is easiest to glue it in small sections and fold it down as you go. Once the first side is complete and dry, glue the back side onto the strip so it makes a bag.
4. Using the same piece of felt you used to cut your 4 inch middle piece, cut a 1 inch wide piece using the longest length to make the handle of the bag. Glue it on the inside of the bag to make a handle.
5. Let all the glue set and dry for about 10 minutes, then TA-DA! You've an adorable Halloween goody bag to stuff full of treats for your little one, that just so happens to match their sweet costume.
So, will you be attempting a DIY Halloween costume this year? Would love to see your crafts and projects!

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