Dirty hair and Wildflowers

All clothing- Birthday! Lipstick- MAC in Lickable
A few photos my best friend, Bibbles took of me in the lupin by my mailbox.
*Thanks Bibs!*
So I'm going to let you all in on a not-so-secret confession.
I'm not very good at blogging.
I'm all about the photos and I usually skimp on the words. I suppose it's becuase I really don't think anyone really cares to read about what I'm thinking and feeling. But by not divulging anything to my readers, I'm sort of... isolating them and myself.
Maybe I'm not comfortable putting my... life out there in literary form for all to read. I'm more comfortable posting my images and having them speak for me. It's not that I never have anything to say, it's just I'm not sure who would want to read it.. haha
But I'm going to try to change all of that and really put more than pretty photos out there.
I want you guys to get to know me, and I, you.
So thank you for following once again!
I'm starting by stating the following facts-
1. I found out I'm worthy of being the subject of someone's "blogger crush"
2. My first wedding of the season is on sunday!
 3. I have an instagram account now too!
Follow me @ michellerollerphotography

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