Desert Dweller

As much as I complain about the heat in Arizona, I have learned to appreciate the beauty of the desert. I grew up in a place where the crisp autumn air filled the canyons, and the abundance of trees painted the mountains. I wish I knew how to properly express to you how much I love Utah, but can't seem to form complete comprehensible sentences.
....the feeling of cold granite rock makes me long to rock climb again.....
....driving in Sugar House with the windows down to take in the beauty of the fall leaves....
....laying on the grass with friends for hours as we got lost in conversation....
....the feeling of crisp leaves....
With today being the first day of Autumn I can't help but to feel nostalgic about the place I call home.  Three years ago we moved from Utah to now Arizona for Todd to attend dental school. The first two years I thought Arizona was the ugliest place, and it could never compare to Utah. The thing that changed my perspective of this cactus state was honestly becoming a blogger. By going out on locations to shoot I was introduced to places in the valley that I never knew existed. I was introduced to a new type of beauty in landscape, and now appreciate the exquisite nature of the desert. Each cactus is so different from one another, making one unique from the other. As the sun sets the sky is painted orange and purple as though it was on fire. In Sedona the orange rocks are beautifully contrasted by the green of juniper and pine.
This is our last year in Arizona, and I will miss it.
I have become a desert dweller.

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