Decisions, Decisions....

Happy Monday everyone. This week is going to be crazy busy between Todd interviewing for oral surgery, planning a fun shoot with Ryann Lindsey, finishing up my mini sessions, and getting all packed to leave to Utah next week.
Speaking of me shooting, if you don't already know currently I am marketing myself as a Phoenix photographer. You can find my photography Instagram account here. It's been such a fun ride to be behind the lens for a change. Since getting my camera last year I have already grown out of it, and I am ready to upgrade. With that said, I am trying to decide whether to stay with Nikon or do I try going with Canon....
They both are amazing brands, and have slight differences. For the past week I've been borrowing a friends Mark ii Canon, and messing around with another friends Nikon d750. I really like how the images look amazing straight out of the camera with the Canon, but like the dials better on the Nikon.
Since I am going to be investing more money into this camera I really want to make sure that I don't feel like I need to upgrade for a long time. What kind of camera body do you shoot with, and what do you like about it? Thank you in advance :)

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