Cozy in the Mountains

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my family is currently spending a few days in Blowing Rock, NC. We have been coming here since I was a little girl and we love this little mountain town so much! It was supposed to snow yesterday (and it didn’t), but instead it sleeted all day and it got down to 8 DEGREES last night! So unfortunately, I think we may be stuck in our cabin for a while since the roads are frozen over, haha. Good thing that we all packed super warm clothes and boots! My mom and I are both in love with our boots that we picked up from Walmart before our trip. Her hiking boots have thick soles and cute red laces and are only $25, while I love how my boots are a little taller (offering more warmth), are water-resistant, and only $33! They both look way more expensive, and they seriously are warm (especially paired with wool socks ) . I’ve linked up both of our outfits below!
Since we’re probably going to be stuck in our cabin all day today, I’ll probably watch the new Christmas movies on Netflix or get caught up on my thriller novels! If anyone has watched any good Christmas movies or read any good books lately, definitely let me know below!