Colored Nails & Booties

The star for todays post is an item that I have been wearing constantly since the day I bought them. These Jeffrey Campbell booties were the best purchase I have made in a long time. When I first saw them I was immediately in love, but was hesitant to buy because of the low heel. I always love to wear heels, and am always hesitant to buy something with a low heel, afraid that I wouldn't wear it as much. Boy was a wrong. I love love love these booties, and wore them all summer. Normally I wouldn't wear booties in the summer because they would make my feet hot. Since these booties have the cut outs, it keeps my feet cool.
With September approaching I recently dusted off last seasons booties, and placed them back in my closet for the fall season. Booties are so versatile because you can dress them up, dress them down, wear with jeans/shorts/dresses/skirts, ect. I love how I showed a casual version of the trend, and our beautiful cohost demonstrated how to make booties dressy.
What's your favorite way to wear booties? Dresses? Skirts? Jeans?

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