Braids and Sweaters

For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw what happened to me last week. After teaching/taking Pure Barre I got in my car, and started to drive home. Just a regular day doing my regular routine. Since my eyes have been agitated lately I've opted to wear my glasses all week. With the glare getting in my eyes I ran my poor Honda civic into a trailer! Not knowing what happened I got out of my car shaking like a leaf. The next thing I know a client of mine approaches saying she saw what happened, and offered to help. I love my clients. So sweet. So thoughtful. Meredith you saved my day! Trying to hold back my tears, I approached the other party to make sure they were all ok. Thats all that matters!! As my client 
My poor little stang. I've had her since I started driving. She was my first and only car. How I will miss all of our good times together.

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