Best (and Worst) Fall Foods at Trader Joe’s

Who else out there lovvvves Trader Joe’s?! It’s my go-to year round for fresh vegetables or when I need a quick, ready-made dinner… but in the fall, it turns into an even more magical place. Pumpkin products adorn the shelves, the scent of autumn hangs in the air, and it takes all the willpower I have not to load my cart with every single last item. I didn’t buy every fall item they had, but I did get a lot! Chris and I had a lot of fun testing out the items ever since (side note – we ate all of these over the course of two weeks lol!). Let’s start with our favorites!

The Best…

Like Oreos, but BETTER! These classic chocolate wafer cookies have vanilla bean cream in the middle… but the cream is dyed orange for Halloween. The cookies also have little jack-o-lantern faces carved into each one, making them super festive! This was my first time tasting the Joe Joe’s cookies and I actually like these better than Oreo’s… and especially with a glass of milk! I felt like a little kid eating these but I didn’t care. They’re delicious!
I tested out this Caramel Apple-Flavored Granola on top of some oatmeal one morning, and OMG. It was fall in a bowl! The granola contains roasted peanuts, dried slices of apple and pumpkin-flavored pumpkin seeds – it has a sweet, caramel crunch and just the right amount of apple taste. It’s also amazing to snack on by itself, but also very easy to get carried away and accidentally eat the whole bag.
I made pumpkin rolls for my husband and brother this past Saturday before the Clemson game (hence our attire, haha). They were a hit with both boys! My husband doesn’t really like sweets (he even hates icing), but he liked these pumpkin rolls because they weren’t too sweet. I LOOOOOVED the pumpkin flavor of these, and they made our whole house smell good! I will definitely be buying them again.
This candy corn popcorn is SO addicting – once you take a bite, you want another and another and another until – WHOOPS – the whole bag is gone. I will not be buying these again because I literally can’t help myself when I’m around them! They’re so so good! I don’t know if this popcorn really tastes like candy corn… but it does taste like caramel or butterscotch popcorn and who really cares, it’s absolutely freakin’ delicious.

Harvest Blend Herbal Tea

I am obsessed with drinking this herbal tea at night! It’s caffeine-free, so it’s the perfect thing to drink before bed if you want to get into the cozy fall mood. It has a pretty strong apple taste to it, which I really love! I’ve been making this tea, getting into bed and watching Halloween movies with my husband every night.
We had mixed reviews on this one… One thing my husband and I agreed on was that the zuchette pasta needed to cook a tad bit longer, even though we cooked it according to the directions. So, the zuchette was a little bit chewier than we would have liked, but I personally LOVED this dish. The flavors of the autumnal harvest pasta sauce indeed provided a burst of autumnal goodness in my mouth. I ate my entire bowl so fast! My husband, however, didn’t care for the pasta sauce, which he said had a weird taste. I’m including it as a "favorite" because I love it so much, though!
I made this pumpkin bread a few weeks ago, except I added chocolate chips into the mix, and WOW! It was so good! I had it every morning for breakfast with my cup of coffee until it was all gone. I didn’t realize it was gluten-free until I unpacked it from my grocery bags. It tasted like normal pumpkin bread, so I didn’t even notice that the gluten was missing, haha. I normally like making my pumpkin bread from scratch, but this is an awesome mix if you’re short on time!

The Worst…

I was really excited when I first saw this Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage on the shelves at Trader Joe’s… but I was pretty disappointed by it. I tried it first as a coffee creamer, thinking it would give my coffee the perfect pumpkin-y flavor, but alas, it did not. In fact, there’s a weird chemical aftertaste to it. Id’ love to know if anyone else has tried this one, and what your thoughts are!
Another item I was really excited about… these pumpkin spice coffee pods intended for Keurigs! Chris and I both use our Keurig a lot during the week so we were excited to find these K-cups. However please heed my warning: DO NOT BUY THESE!!!! I tried one out over the weekend and the taste was NAUSEATING. My husband smelled it and was nauseated by it without ever even taking a sip, haha. I didn’t taste pumpkin in the slightest… more like bad, burnt chemicals. I tossed the whole box away right then and there.
I’d love to know your experience with Trader Joe’s fall foods! If you have a favorite please leave me a comment and let me know! xoxo women fashion trends 2020