As Seedlings of God, We Barely Blossom on Earth; We Fully Flower in Heaven

Life is crazy, and always unexpected. I never in a million years thought I would be writing this, but like I said life is crazy, and always takes me by surprise.
This weekend one of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of knowing passed away from a fatal car accident. When looking up the article online, I couldn't hold back the tears forming in my eyes when I saw his picture. "Mikey is fighting for his life" the article read. Looking at the pictures of both cars smashed like tin cans made me feel sick to my stomach. The hurt I feel for Mikey and his family is something I haven't felt in a very long time. He loved making others happy, and that was my favorite thing about him. I was always so proud of him on how he dealt with challenges in his life, and how he never let them get him down.
When listening to everyone's testimonies in church yesterday, it became real to me that Mikey was gone. After sacrament I went outside to sit, and cried for my dear friend. I replayed our life as friends in my mind, and all the adventures we had. I looked down at the scar on my forearm, and laughed how stupid we were when walking through a fence with roller blades cutting up my arm. My scar will be a permanent memory of my dear friend that I will hold close to my heart. He was so talented when it came to music, and I even made him write me a song. So many nights we stayed up in college laughing about life until the sunrise would come up. I think about my room back at home, and how it's filled with images of us as crazy kids in our high school years.
Mikey was an amazing person inside and out, and will be missed greatly by anyone that knew him. The only thing that gives me peace at this moment is that I know he's with Heavenly Father now, and that he's in a better place. Your family are in my prayers.
For those who knew Mikey Mcmillan please donate what you can to his family to cover some medical and funeral costs here.

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